Anonymous Confession: What I Wish I Could Tell You

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Brett JordanBrett Jordan

I wish I could have seen. My regrets are is redirected self-hatred rooted in how fucking naïve I was, how easily I let myself be duped by your words empty of action, how time and time again I suffocated my doubts when I knew I was right because you told me to. We fought so much from the beginning, I don’t know how I deluded myself into thinking we could be a team. Maybe it was the chemistry. God, you remember how good our chemistry was, don’t you? I didn’t believe the universe would be cruel enough to give two people who shouldn’t be together such good chemistry. I thought we were supposed to make it work.

I wish I could tell you that none of it was real. There were times when we were together when I thought it was just a dream, and not in the…

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