11 Reasons Why I Like You

Thought Catalog

1. Your smile warms my heart.

Goodness gracious, when you smile, my soul lights up like a lantern. It’s not just because of that dimple on the side of your face, but it’s because I’m so happy you’re happy. When you smile, I feel so great about bringing a bit of happiness to your life, even if it’s for a second. I want to make you happy and when you are, I feel warm all over.

2. You make me do my ugly laugh.

I can’t help but laugh with you. It’s not just my normal flirtatious I’m-on-a-first-date laugh that I’ve practiced in the mirror; you make me do my true, ugly laugh. That laugh that’s probably so annoying to everyone and ends up in me snorting like a pig. You bring that out in me, and I find you truly witty and entertaining.

3. Good god, are you cute…

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