5 Things That Suck About Being The Youngest Sibling

Thought Catalog

As the youngest sibling in my family, I feel cheated. There’s no other way to look at it. I have an older brother who doesn’t realize he’s taken everything for granted. If only he could see our lives from my perspective, then he’d really understand what it’s like to grow up as the human version of leftovers. The first-born is like the first time you have steak, then the second born comes along like a day old, microwaved pork chop.

1. The oldest sets the bar for academics.

If the oldest does well in school then all bets are off. My brother really went to town when he set the academic bar. He was on the honor roll for all four years of high school. I haven’t even graduated yet. During my first year our grades were already being compared. My parents expected at least the honor roll from…

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