A Letter To My 65-Year-Old Self

Thought Catalog

(or, how to be 1% better each week)


Dear 65 Year Old Me,

Are you dead yet?

Because I don’t mind if you are. I feel pretty good about where I stand right now. I don’t know if I need another 20 years.

If I die now I have two beautiful kids. They will miss me but I think their formative years are over and now they move onto their friends.

I did some research on this. It used to be that brain-ologists thought that teenage brains grew awkwardly and that’s why teens are such assholes all the time. But it turns out there is a better reason.

Parents are pretty feeble and useless. If a lion went to chase one of my kids it’s far better for them to have bonds formed with their stronger and faster peers than with me.

I will not save them from the…

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