Here’s To The Women Who Aren’t Afraid To Be Bossy

Thought Catalog

Recently, there has been an effort by organizations like The Girl Scouts of America and Lean In to ban the term “bossy” as it applies to young women. The idea is that women are not taking on leadership roles because they are worried about being branded as bossy, and therefore, as a bitch (that’s my paraphrasing). The general concept is to encourage girls to not be afraid of taking on leadership roles in business and life due to the fear of being labeled as too assertive. It’s a great idea — building self confidence in young girls through the banning together of women as a whole. But the campaign itself sucks.

Before I get all kinds of hate thrown my way, or someone asks me if I’m a parent, let me preface this a little. No, I do not have kids. I went to college with the idea of being a…

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