I Don’t Know How To Be A Feminist

Thought Catalog

I don’t know how to be a feminist. There. I said it. I don’t know what a feminist looks like. I don’t know how a feminist acts. I don’t know what to care about and what to stop caring about. I know there are no exacts or answers and that this is a gray area, but I still feel like, at any given moment, I’m not enough or too much of a feminist. 

I love wearing makeup, putting on a stylish outfit, and being noticed for it. I’ll take a compliment from seriously anyone and I’ll internalize that shit and I’ll get a skip in my step the rest of the day from it. I dye my hair blonde. And I get eyelash extensions. And I get my nails done regularly. I care about how I look and I like looking good and I also like being attractive to the…

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