I’m Not Waiting For Prince Charming, And Neither Should You

Thought Catalog

Maria Alvarez Maria Alvarez

“Happiness depends upon ourselves.” – Aristotle

I’ve never understood waiting around to be saved. Not that I think it’s an innately bad thing, but I have far too much trouble keeping still — keeping calm — to wait around for a guy to come hoist me up on the back of his horse and ride me off, heroically, into the sunset. I like sunsets. Horses kind of scare me. But being saved is something I’ve always thought I had to do on my own time.

I’m twenty-three and a good portion of the people I graduated high school with are married or engaged. I’m astonished, again and again, because I still feel so incredibly young. I count it as a good day when I can get myself ready, fed, on my second cup of coffee, and out the door on time. Seriously, that’s a good day. I find…

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