Should Women Still Believe In Prince Charming?

Thought Catalog

After tearing at the end of a Disney movie I have seen many times before, and naturally feeling like I might go out tomorrow and meet my husband in the Michigan Diag, I began to question: Is it bad to tell girls that they will, someday, find prince charming?

I understand the feminist argument that women shouldn’t be waiting around for men to save them and that we are perfectly capable of wriggling out of the dragon’s grasp without a man’s help, but is the idea that prince charming exists really such a bad message? Is it setting us up for disappointment? Will we all someday feel the magic that Cinderella felt when she laid eyes on her prince?

Is there a prince charming waiting out there for everyone? After a breakup can you really find solace in the fact that it is a mere part of the “broken road”…

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