Sometimes It’s Okay To Give Up (Really)

Thought Catalog

In graduate school, it seems very easy to encounter a type of person who feels that the world at large is expecting great things from them. They might not assume that this grandiose type of thinking is realistically true, but, on a subconscious level, they operate under that assumption. They feel like they are capable of these great things, but that the actual materialization of those worthy feats somehow eludes them, like the distant horizon behind the thick, early-morning fog.

I sometimes feel like one of those people. I think that everyone does, at any given time. I don’t think that it is possible to achieve anything of worth without thinking like that, without thinking that, somehow, you’re better than everyone else and that the world expects things from you. It is a very difficult thing to acknowledge, since admitting it also entails admitting that you’re probably an asshole. You…

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