You And I Are Perfect…As Friends

Thought Catalog

There seems to be an ever-growing sense of emptiness inside of me lately. Sure, it can be filled temporarily with the company of my closest friends and dearest family, but soon after, the emptiness re-emerges from the depth of my gut, churning my stomach and distracts me so bad that I feel lifeless. It’s not the looming exams that is bothering me. I’ve been through that a countless number of times, till I’ve become numb towards it. No, this is different. You are different.

I’m not one to spill my heart out onto a public platform like this but like I said, you are different. I’m constantly looking for the trigger for my predicament and trust me, I’ve played the last few months over and over again in my head right to the night where I first met you, again. Sitting across from you, I was more focused on my plate of food than the…

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