You Don’t Have To Agree With Me, But You’re Wrong And I Hate You

Thought Catalog


Seriously, people on the internet are the worst. Life Lesson: People on the internet will always hate you.

Everyone has their own opinions and that is totally acceptable and encouraged but on the internet, these opinions tend to be nothing but cruel and harsh. While at times I’m sure they are deserved, when does it cross the line? People hide behind the screens of their computers and rip apart total strangers simply because they said something that you disagreed with. Nothing you say or do will ever be right in the world of the internet.

In my personal experience, those who tend to get the most upset and outraged by things they read on the internet are those who are being targeted in some way. Example: I wrote the article about all girls being crazy (and yes, I do include myself in that, contrary to many ‘guest’ opinions) and…

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