You Don’t Need Anyone’s Permission To Be Absolutely, Totally, Completely Fabulous

Thought Catalog

Stop feeling shitty about yourself. Stop right now. That’s enough. Your beliefs about yourself are bringing you down. It’s not your weight. It’s not your glaring flaw you think everyone is focused on. News flash: everyone else is focused on their own shit; they’re too busy worrying what you think of their flaw to worry about your flaw. They think you look great in that top, actually. They think your shoes are adorable. And your new haircut? Fuck. Hot.

You don’t need anyone’s permission to be fucking fabulous.

Let’s say that again:


Stop giving the media, your mom, your next door neighbor, whatever, whoever, power over how you feel about yourself. What do they know? If all they care about is how people look, then feel bad for them. That’s a pretty boring life.

If you’re 100 lbs. and you feel…

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