Fooled again…

Once again, I fell under your spell.

Once again, I allowed myself to believe that you changed

Once again, I was fooled

I thought this could be a new start, a new beginning.

I thought you saw me

I thought i reached you

I thought I was there, nearer to you

Once again, i was fooled by you, by myself

I should listen to the voice within me

Listen to the plea,

Begging me to let you go

And, stop hurting myself

But, stubbornly

Or maybe,

Stupidly, i chose to believe you

Giving you the chance, to prove that I was right in

My action

My gamble

My choice

I believe that you the right one

The one, I was looking for

The one, I was destined to be with

The one, I was so lucky to have found

Hahaha, i turned out

It was nothing more than a joke

I gave you the chance to destroy me

The chance to crush me once more

I forgot to look at myself

Neither pretty

Neither feminine

Neither sassy

Neither cute

Neither sweet

All i was

was a






Terrible attitude

a “GIRL”

I wasnt the one you were looking for

(i knew it)

maybe i was nothing

 but the substitute you were looking for

(i knew it)

nicely, no strings attached

no commitment was expected from you

I was the RIGHT person  🙂

How nice i fit your description as a friend who kills your boredom.

When your girl cant be bothered with you

When your girl isn’t free

When you need someone to lame with you

How nice, i was that available

Fool, yeah i was that.

You know, I got a direct bus home,

but for you,

i took the longest route home

You know, i dont like NPCC at all

but for you,.

i forced myself to love it

You know, i dont like to eat out

but for you

i make sure that i was available after training

You know, i dont always have my phone near me

but for you,

i never left my phone for too long, fearing of missing your text

You know, i dont like sleeping late

but for you

i sacrifice my sleep

All the SHIT i did for you

make me look so much like a fool

HAHA… but you will never know

i wish you wil never find this out

If time can turn back,

i wish i never met you

If time can turn back,

i wish i never opened my heart to anyone, especially you

If time can turn back,

I wish i can take back all the time i spent on you

If time can turn back,

if only it could.

If time really could,

i think i will still fall in love with you

I think i will still grow to like you

I think i will never stop

Yeah, I was the fool

The fool who repeatedly empowered you to hurt me.


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