32 Side Effects Of Having A Crush On Someone

Thought Catalog

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1. Being overjoyed to meet someone who is so neat!
2. Instantly comparing her or him to all your previous exes and crushes.
3. Irrationally spending more time looking at/stalking her or him than you do actually communicating bc nerves.
4. Increased presence of grey hair due to worry that anytime you schedule a date s/he will cancel.
5. Feelings of unbridled glee and hyperactivity when you invite them to something and they actually say “yes” and don’t come up with last minute excuses!

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6. Bouts of delusion as you start imagining a relationship.
7. Driving yourself crazy because you are super into her or him.
8. Hallucinations as you stare at her or him and start imagining what they (are) like in bed hehehehehe.
9. Inability to be close to said crush without feeling like now is the right time to pounce.
10. Driving yourself crazy…

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