Self-Love Is A Journey

Thought Catalog

I’ve been trying to figure out how to write about self-love and somehow I keep getting drawn back to the girl at the mall rolling her eyes and saying, “Ugh, she’s so fake” behind my 16 year old self after I smiled and complimented her outfit, or the group of teenagers sitting outside the hall after class during my senior year telling me my clothes didn’t match. I keep going back to the comments that have been said about my dark skin, disastrous hair, and annoying personality. I’ve heard some of the putdowns with my own ears, and I’ve heard about the rest from others. It’s kind of funny how eight years later, I can still recall the exact store- outfit – person that hurt my feelings. The person that first made me feel insecure about who I was. And not only can I remember the first person, I can…

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