Dear Heart, Why him?

Dear Heart, why him?
Of all people, why him?
Why choose someone that is so distant?
Why him?
Why must is be him?
You are only mean to pump blood
And not be involve in things
Create a havoc in my life
My almost perfect life
Without him,
My life is almost complete enough
Im not a perfectionalist
Being too perfect wont suit me
All i want is to lead a life
as dramaless as possible
why must you do this to me?
my feelings,
my mood,
my emotion
all depends on him.
A smile
A text
An eye contact from him could light uo my world
Im losing the independent me!
the me i love most.
So can we please listen to our brain
And stop this nonsense?
It is time for us to wake up from this slumber.
Lets stop our feelings okay 😀
Be strong and we will find the one who is meant for us soon.
Very soon
Letting him go will free us
Allowing us to find the one RIGHT for us
He may seem right but he is not the Right One for us
One day,
We will find the one who will live for our smile, laughter, and us.
Only us
放手吧! 时候到了 执着下去也不会有结果的 :’)


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