Staring At Your Empty Chair

Thought Catalog

I take my seat at the restaurant
Table for one
An empty chair across from me
Your chair

I sit there looking at the menu
I wonder what I would have said
To make you crack a smile
To hear you laugh

The waiter asks for my drink order
I’ll take a beer—a Hoegaarden, please
What would you have ordered?
Or would you have just sipped off of mine?

I drink my beer in silence
It was never this silent
When you were sitting across from me

I make no snarky comments about the
Lady across from us who is too fat
Or that big-breasted chick on the right
Or how you should just order your own damn beer

I place my order
Something filling and hearty
You would have ordered
Something with shrimp in it

Running low on my first glass
I would have ordered two
Just to…

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