Why Every Dad Needs A Daughter

thats why im your princess 😀

Thought Catalog

I’ve been lucky to know many kinds of love. Love from my family. Romantic love. Platonic love. I even feel a certain kind of love from the guys on my bowling team.

It’s nice to know love.

But there’s one love I know that is unlike any other. It’s the love I know through my daughter. And it’s the only love that makes me gasp.

My inaugural gasp — because of her — came the day after she was born. It happened as I was looking through the viewing window in the hospital nursery. I was a big-eyed dad scanning the room for the one that was his. “Not mine,” I said to myself as my eyes slowly moved right-to-left. “That’s not mine, either.” Then I saw a clear, plastic bassinet with a sleeping, curly-haired little girl swaddled in pink. The card above her head shared my last name. Handwritten in big…

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