Date A Boy Who Pays Attention To Lyrics

Thought Catalog

Find him amidst the smoke of a lousy party, complaining about the DJ. Nod in agreement as you smile and glance at your friends dancing like crazy. Engage in a heartfelt conversation. Find yourself introducing stories with an “I really shouldn’t be telling you this, because it’s quite embarrassing, but…” Confess something silly, like how you wish life was a Broadway musical. Watch him acknowledge your point. Hear about his adventures and tales. He’ll tell you about the time he rented a motorcycle in California, and how much he regretted not getting a car, because listening to music on an iPod is not quite the same as on a stereo. Hear his embarrassing stories. Laugh your true, ugly, loud laugh, the one reserved for your close acquaintances. Forget the stupid, teenage giggle you usually use with boys. You don’t need it with him.

Leave said party with him. As he…

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