I Learned the Hard Way That Only I Could Make Myself Happy

Thought Catalog

Currently, I’m in a period of pre-transition. I’ve set my goals, am working towards them, and am pretty confident in my ability to reach them. I’m also confident that once I’ve achieved said goals, I’ll be more 1) fulfilled and 2) happier. It’s a lovely little formula in which I place x and y, and out comes perfection.

Except when it doesn’t.

In fact, I follow the “rules” I set for my formula day in and day out. I make lists and check items off of them. I know that the items carry a weight in my life and that they are leading me where I want to go, but yet, it lacks something.

I used to think that the best way to let out emotions was to let off steam. When I was angry or frustrated, I would head to the gym and start lashing it out on the…

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