The City Is Empty Without You In It

Thought Catalog

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Five months after I quoted your words on Tumblr and four months after you published me for the first time and three months after we met face-to-face in a crowded Chinatown bar, I saw you crossing that fat intersection on Houston, you know the one. It’s something like six lanes wide. I yelled your name and you looked up; you were confused and I knew right then that you couldn’t place me. I tried not to take it personal and you tried to pretend you knew who I was.

When we became actual friends, I learned you have face blindness, or at least you like to joke that you do. I err on the side of believing you, though; ever since that night we had an intimate dinner at Our Restaurant. Afterward, we cut through throngs of tourists on Prince Street, walking west until we reached that bar we were…

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