When The Person Who’s Perfect For You Thinks Someone Else Is Perfect For Them

Thought Catalog

What’s more painful? Knowing that you and your ideal someone are parallel to each other? Or having the possibility for the two of you to meet at one point, knowing full well that if you miss that moment, there might not ever be a chance to meet at that same point ever again?

Have you ever, in your entire life, created a list of characteristics that your future significant someone should exhibit? That they should be this tall, they should be this pretty or handsome, they should act a certain way, and say or not say certain things. They may be formulated based on a fictional character you’ve read in books or you’ve seen in movies. They may be someone who could fill up what you think was empty in your life, formulated to complete the shortcomings in your personality. They may be that faceless person you’ve seen in your…

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