I Love You Because…

Thought Catalog

I cannot find the perfect words to elaborate how thankful I am for having you in my life. And I don’t even know if these words could ever justify my sincerest gratitude.

I love you for always reminding me how beautiful I am. Even at my worst, you never cease to lift me up. You continuously love and admire me. You never left, and you never stopped. You were and are always there through thick and thin, through all the times I break down and give up.

I love you even if you’re a person of few words, little gestures, and simple surprises. You made me realize that it isn’t about how big your anniversary gift is, it’s not about how long we’ve been together, it’s not about how expensive our dinner dates are, it’s always about the simplicity and the practicality — it’s about the love that keeps our relationship…

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