Anonymous Confession: What I Wish I Could Tell You

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Brett JordanBrett Jordan

I wish I could have seen. My regrets are is redirected self-hatred rooted in how fucking naïve I was, how easily I let myself be duped by your words empty of action, how time and time again I suffocated my doubts when I knew I was right because you told me to. We fought so much from the beginning, I don’t know how I deluded myself into thinking we could be a team. Maybe it was the chemistry. God, you remember how good our chemistry was, don’t you? I didn’t believe the universe would be cruel enough to give two people who shouldn’t be together such good chemistry. I thought we were supposed to make it work.

I wish I could tell you that none of it was real. There were times when we were together when I thought it was just a dream, and not in the…

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I’m Done With You

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I’m done writing about you.

I’m done pinning my delusional daydreams along the curve of your spine. Done letting your ghost trace my hidden anxieties with icy fingers, kissing the silhouette of unfulfilled promises. I’m done howling underneath your full moon only to retire back to my den alone, a lone wolf. I’m done looking for you when I have no fucking clue where you are.

I’m done romanticizing goodbyes, reimagining the last time you walked out my door with some melancholy soundtrack. Like maybe if I give this shit some cinematic twist, I’ll get my happy ending eventually. I’m done crying to Landslide. I’m a damn cliché.

I’m done with bitter words that are just a poorly covered façade. My gooey insides are just hoping they can go incognito for just a little longer.

I’m done justifying why you left. Done playing Russian Roulette with our memories. Like…

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It Takes Strength To Be Who You Really Are

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It takes courage to look expectations in the face and politely say no thank you to their call. It takes determination to walk into a room filled with people who think they are the same as you and reveal your true colors.

Maybe you lived your entire life trying to be orange. Thinking that if you said this, wore this, denied this, subdued those questions, that you could be just as orange as everyone else. Let’s face it, you always knew you were at the bare minimum a weird squint-your-left-eye-and-tilt-your-head-to-the-right-and-blink-five-times-and-it-could-possibly-be-orange shade of orange, but you tried your damnedest to be as orange as you could be.

And then some of your surroundings change. Friends change. Environments change. The orange culture changes.

Suddenly, there are yellows, and greens, and blues, and purples, and colors you can’t even name. And then, expectations change. No one cares if you’re a distorted…

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